As a science and outdoors writer and editor, I’ve been interested in wildlife corridors for some time. A frequent visitor to Montana, I first learned of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (, an ambitious effort to reestablish a northern Rocky Mountain wildlife migration corridor. With a little research, I found similar efforts across North America. Above, for example, I look across the Columbia Highlands linking the Rockies with the Cascades from the summit of Salmo Mountain in Washington state. My interests have since broadened to encompass these other proposed corridors, which then led to starting a book.

Yet, as I continue to write about wildlife corridors, I find that completing such a book will take some time for exploration, research, and writing, while the completed chapters sit, without being available. And so, this website, which may eventually evolve into a published book.

For each installment, an ebook of much longer text and complete references can be downloaded from Additional installments will be published as completed.

I hope you enjoy the corridor descriptions and find them useful. Let me know what you think by leaving a reply below.

Russ Manning

A multitude of organizations and individuals are working to reestablish North America’s wildlife corridors. Their work gives us hope for the future.

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  1. Hi Russ. I lead a public-private partnership centered on conservation of the Ocala to Osceola (O2O) Wildlife Corridor, which is a segment of your Okenokee to Okeechobee corridor that you describe on your website. Do you have more information about the Oke-to Okee corridor? Do you have a map? Is is part of the Florida Wildlife Corridor, which is a network of connected landscapes throughout Florida? I’d like to learn more about your work and proposed corridor. Thanks! Susan


    1. Hi Susan, as you know your Ocala to Osceola corridor is basically traced by the Florida Trail (see the map as well as the the eastern branch of the route designated by the organization Florida Wildlife Corridor ( You might want to contact the Florida Wildlife Corridor group and coordinate your efforts on the Ocala to Osceola ( Does your partnership have a website? Would like to include when I update this website page.


  2. I really enjoyed your earlier work closer to home and am excited about your branching out into wildlife corridors. It is important to establish or reestablish ancient wildlife migration routes for the safety of the animals and advantages to people, if only to stay out of the way of animals. Good luck my friend.


  3. Interesting! I found your website on the Sierra Club newsletter. I look forward to learning more myself and providing some Summer enrichment to my family! Thank you!


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